Rock Your Reading: a challenge

Join me on a 21 day journey to better reading habits!

Do you wish you read more books?
Do you own piles of books you’ve been meaning to read, or will read as soon as you get time?
Time. That is the big challenge, isn’t it? Unfortunately we don’t suddenly get magical reading time dropped in our lap.

You have to make the time.

And Rock Your Reading is the challenge for you! The challenge will help you form the reading habits you want.

What you get:

  • A workbook to set goals, motivation and purpose
  • A fillable tracker
  • 13 emails delivered right to your inbox to keep you on track
  • Access to an exclusive community with wonderful readers who will cheer you on.


The community comes in form of an active facebook group, where we talk about anything reading. The community will still be there when your challenge is over, to make sure we all keep our new good habits. The community has brought so much joy and happiness to my reading life!

Like William Nicholson once said: “We read to know that we are not alone.”

In our community you will never read alone!


Are you ready to make a commitment for the next 21 days that will help you make a positive change in your life and build better reading habits?
In other words: are you ready to kick start your reading?


Happy Reading