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Hi there, I’m so happy you decided to read this my very first blog post!

My name is Tale and I live in Norway where I work in my local library at the children’s department. I love everything about my job, especially the part where I get to visit schools and talk to children about the books I love. I also run the Etsy shop FindingNorth where I sell handknitted Norwegian accessories and homeware.Picture of me!

I created this blog because I need somewhere to be accountable when I take my home and life through the KonMari process. I hope it will help to share it with others who also love the joyful way Marie Kondo work with decluttering. I will also share about other things I care about here; mainly books and crafts.

Speaking of crafts I’ve been a knitter ever since my mum taught me at 9 years old. My first project was a bedspread put together by over 100 individually knitted squares. While I knitted many of the squares myself, I also made my family and friends knit me squares whenever I could. The result was a big, homey and original bedspread filled with memories and love. I still have and use it, 17 years later! And this is what homemade items should be; durable, filled with history and above all else, made with love. That is why I opened my Etsy shop FindingNorth; to share that love and care.

I’m so excited to start this adventure with you guys!

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