5 reasons you should use a to do list

I love to do lists! I have several lists, and they help me live the life I want to have. I’ve put together a list of 5 reasons for you to use a to do list.

Get more productive! 5 reasons you should use to do lists

Increased productivity

Writing everything down is a process that clears up your head, so you can get started. My main difficulty with being productive is just starting, and putting everything down on a list, helps to keep the overwhelm at bay. When you are done with one task, you know what comes next, and you don’t have to use precious time on indecision.

You’ll be more able to prioritize your tasks

This builds one the last one: once you have a list you can prioritize your tasks. When it’s all in your own head it’s more challenging to keep it straight. Seeing everything written down makes it easier to see what’s most important, what will take the most time and if there are tasks you might not need to do at all.

To do lists keeps you from forgetting

Writing a to do list keeps you from forgetting important tasks. Studies show that an average person’s short term memory can hold up to 7 things. If you have more than 7 tasks you are lost without a to do list. When you write your tasks down you can focus on the task you doing, not on trying to remember what comes next.

Provides motivation

When you have a to do list, it’s easier to track progress and as such easier to stay motivated, and on task.

They are goal-oriented

You can stay focused on your goals when you write a to do list. One of my favorite types of lists are the ones where you write down a big goal, and all the steps to get there. Breaking bigger goals into smaller steps really helps me keep focused and motivated.


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