5 things I love about my Kindle

I recently got a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, and as you might tell from the title of this post, I love it! I’m reading more after I got it, which means it’ll be easier for me to reach my 100 books reading goal this year. 

5 things I love about my kindle

#1 – The Kindle is Lightweight

I can put it in my bag and take it with me anywhere. I’m going to sew a cover for it, as right now I’m a bit afraid to break it. I think that will make it even more fun to keep it with me.

#2 – It can hold a lot of books

It has lots of books on it. I usually read several books at once, and that means I don’t have to agonize about what book to bring with me, I can have them all and read them when I need them. There are so many books available! They are easy to buy and get, I don’t have to wait for delivery and I get to discover many new universes.

#3 – It’s easy to listen to audiobooks

It’s super easy to add Audible narration to your e-books. I’ve listen to a lot more audiobooks after I got my kindle because often there are deals on Amazon where you can add audible narration at a discount. When listening to audiobooks with Audible it syncs with the kindle version, so I can easily switch between reading and listening.

Some recommended audiobooks: Yes Please by Amy Poehler*, The Magnolia Story by Chip and Johanna Gaines* and Anne of Green Gables* (read by Rachel McAdams)

#4 – It has a built in dictionary

English is not my first language, but I read a lot in English. The dictionary function is really nice, it means I can look up words as I’m reading, to make sure I understand the full meaning. I never bother to do it in physical books, but with the kindle it’s so easy.

#5 – Kindle syncs with Goodreads

I love that it syncs with my Goodreads account. I track all my reading on Goodreads, it’s both easy and fast. The fact that I can see everything I have read, with statistics and progress makes my reading life a lot richer. I highly recommend tracking your reading, on Goodreads, or in in a notebook, like I do in my Bullet Journal. It’s easy to track what you are reading as you do it, but it’s really difficult to go back and recreate it if you want tracking later.

Kindle has several options so you can get exactly what you want. I choose the Kindle Paperwhite, it has the most value for the price and fits my needs. The other versions seems great as well, and Amazon offers a nice side-by-side comparison.*


*If you buy something after clicking one of my links you are super awesome and help support me at no extra cost to yourself. I have received nothing in return for this, other than great service, and I only link things that I stand 100% behind.

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