10 awesome Bullet Journal instagram accounts

I love the Bullet Journal. And one of the best places to find amazing journals and Bullet Journalists is Instagram! I finally made an official FindingNorth Instagram account (follow here!), and it’s just so much awesome there. And I decided to share the awesome around, so here are 10 awesome Bullet Journal instagram accounts to follow.

Bullet journal instagram accounts are were all the awesome stuff is happening

Ryder Carroll | BulletJournal

Lets start with the official Bullet Journal Instagra account by the inventor of the Bullet Journal system – Ryder Carrol. The account is mostly reposts from other instagram accounts, and it’s a well-curated collection.

Marie | journalspiration

Marie has a beautiful Bullet Journal that she shares on Instagram as well as her YouTube account. My favorites are her many inventive trackers, she has plenty and she is always up for trying new things.

I had the loveliest dinner yesterday evening (it was the two years anniversary with my boyfriend) but I totally forgot to upload a photo for you. ? sorry about that! I did a easier version of my sleep tracker with less numbers. It’s like the old one but less annoying to draw. ? did someone if you tried my sleep tracker layout this month? I would love to see some of your interpretations! ? if you want to see how I made this, you can watch my new YouTube video. The link is in my profile. ☺️ ________________ #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal #bujo #bujojunkies #bulletjournaling #leuchtturm1917 #planeraddict #handlettering #bulletjournaljunkies #bujoinspire #washitape #rockyourhandwriting #journal #journaling #journalspiration #germanbujojunkies

Et bilde publisert av ? m a r i e (@journalspiration)

Lisa | plannersimplicity

Lisa has a clear and simple style of Bullet Journaling. The past week I’ve been testing out Rolling Weeks, and my newest layout (the one I like the best so far) has been inspired by the picture below!

Current Daily Log, with “Upcoming” next 6 days. #bulletjournal #minimalistbujo

Et bilde publisert av Lisa F (@plannersimplicity)

Camilla | Creative Pineapple

Camilla has a great feed. Lovely pictures and a great style.

Emma | That Journal

Emma has a different design on each day in her BuJo and shares them on her feed. They are lovely, and fit each day perfectly.

Jessica | Pretty Prints and Paper

Jessica is one of my Bullet Journal idols. Her Blog and Instagram are inspirational and she is enthusiastic about sharing what she knows.

Becky | Painted Illustrated

Becky is one of my favorite new finds. She Bullet Journals on Kraft paper and it makes for a refreshing new look.

Austin | Minimal Journal

Austin Bullet Journals in a clear and straightforward way. Like he says: It’s about getting crap done, not making your crap look good.

Sandra | Wundertastischdesign

Sandra has a bright and fun way to Bullet Journal that never fails to inspire me. Plus she’s a lovely person who is always willing to share what she knows.

#ThrowbackThursday Time! My thoughts on it back in March: ‘Last week’s weekly spread. I think I like this version without the washi better, but then again maybe just my doodles got better, haha. And no I didn’t spend all weekend watching @daredevil season 2 in one go, NEVER! ? I can’t believe I launched this Instagram account just a week ago. I already met so many amazing people here and I’m so thankful for all the feedback & help I got. You guys rock! ☺️? Also another thank you to @iamlisajacobs, your Luminaries Club rocks! ? ‘ Looking back on my words now, I’m even more amazed how much this account has grown. Nearly 6k!!! Also back then I would never have thought, that my blog would have launched by now. So many amazing things happened over the last couple months and I’m just utterly thankful for each and every one of you!

Et bilde publisert av Sandra ∆ Wundertastisch (@wundertastischdesign)

Liz and Jen | Productive and Pretty

Liz and Jen is all about organizing every part of life and part of that is the Bullet Journal!

Those were some of my favorite Bullet Journal Instagram accounts, so what are you waiting for? Go follow!

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