Bullet Journal Set up for July

July is upon us and I thought I would share my regular monthly Bullet Journal Set up!

Bullet Journal set up for July

I make small tweaks each month, to make sure everything is still working the best for me. My Bullet Journal is minimalist, like most of my life, and I like how the layouts gives space to breathe (and to maybe over-do it on the tasks). I’ve included pictures of all my new spreads, they look so nice and clean, I can’t wait to use them! So read on to see how I set up my Bullet Journal.

Monthly spread

Bullet Journal Monthly July

My monthly spread is classic and simple, I listed the dates and the weekdays, adding red for Sundays and holidays. This is where I add events, appointments and vacation time.

To-Do list/Memories

Right opposite my monthly spread I have my monthly to-do list, as well as my memories for the month. The to-do list is for things I want to accomplish this month, both general things or deadlines coming up during the month. For the memories I do small drawings to remind me of important things that happened during the month.

Blog/Shop page

Bullet Journal Blog spread

I have one double spread dedicated to FindingNorth, both the blog and my etsy shop. On it I put to-do lists, ideas and goals of the month. At the end of each month I take stock of my goals, and update and change them accordingly. Currently the rest of the spread is a braindump of sorts for ideas that are more long term, or things I don’t do weekly. When I have extra time for the blog/shop I look at this page and pick the most important tasks. At the end of the month I do a review to make sure everything listed are things I still want to do, and migrate the rest to the next month’s spread.

Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

The heart of my Bullet Journal is definitely my weekly spread! It’s what I use the most, and it’s where my system lives and breathes. I make my weekly spread on Sundays, and migrate all open tasks from the last week. Then I add in all appointments and events from my monthly spread. I usually also take a look at my monthly to-do list to see if anything should be added to next week. When I started my Bullet Journal, I tried doing daily logs, but I found I really needed to see the whole week at once. I’m a visual person, and it makes me a lot more focused and calm when I can see all of it on one spread. I talk more about what I learned when I first started my BuJo here!

At the bottom of the second page of the weekly spread I usually place my weekly tracker. At some point I will write a whole blog post on my tracker system and how I use it to be more productive and focused. But here is my tracker system in a nutshell: I like to pick four things I will focus on during one week, and color in each square when I spend 30 minutes on doing that specific thing. This week I have 4 of my classics: Blog, Etsy shop, Reading and Home.


I feel really happy with what I do with my Bullet Journal each month right now, but I am sure I will change it later on. It’s truly one of the things I love the most about the Bullet Journal system; you can change it to fit you now. When life changes, the system is flexible enough to accommodate that. And I hope I will always find new ways to evolve and improve the system and figure out how to make it work for me.

In an earlier post I talked about how I track reading in my Bullet Journal, check that out! If you leave your email below you can get your very own Reading Tracker that you can print and stick in your BuJo!

How do you set up your Bullet Journal? please share!

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  • Wow, I love this post! Your bullet journal is gorgeous and your descriptions right on point! <3 Even if I love to decorate everything I still love the minimalistic approach and use as much as I can myself as well. I love that you track when you work on something important more than 30min a day. This is a great idea which I might steal, haha 😀 I always am way too late with setting up my new month since it takes me so long, maybe I should do a detox and go all minimal for one month too 😀 But I'm not sure I'm capable of not doodling, haha.

    I wish you the best of luck with all your goals for the month and hope you will succeed! You deserve it so much 🙂

    • Thank you! Your Bullet Journal is so beautiful as well, I love your doodles, so don’t stop! 😛 But I know that when I tried to draw more and be more creative with it I spent so much time doing that, that I always got behind 😛 Now I keep it minimalist and do doodle pages instead. But if doodling makes you happy I say keep at it! Your BuJo should make you happy 🙂

      Thank you! <3