Evening routines – How to ensure a productive tomorrow tonight

Do you feel like your days just move past, without you getting any of the things done that you wanted to? Evening routines are a great way to help you move towards a more organized, intentional and happy life. Incorporating these small habits into your evening routine will help kick-start your day and move you towards a more organized life. Here are 4 things I do in the evening to ensure a productive tomorrow!

Evening Routines How to ensure a productive tomorrow tonight

Hi there!

I’m just going to shove my nose into your reading here! It’s been a few years since I wrote this post and my evening routine has changed! So I wrote a brand new, updated post: you can find it here!

Clean the kitchen

This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but going over all the surfaces and making sure the dishes are done (at least the ones you need for breakfast) will be enough. Waking up to a clean kitchen gives the new day a fresh start. Besides you don’t want to start the day with cleaning before you can even have your coffee, right?

For bonus points make packed lunches for the next day: how about a nice salad, or the popular overnight oats? Check out my Pinterest inspiration board for recopies and ideas! I’ve tried the Quinoa avocado salad this week, and it’s been delicious! I made a large serving on Sunday and had enough for lunch three days.

Decide on tomorrow’s outfit

Don’t use valuable time tomorrow morning staring into your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear. By choosing your outfit the day before, you set an intention for the day and you will start it with more focus and energy.

Make a to-do list

Have a clear plan for tomorrow by writing a to-do list both with appointments, errands and tasks. This way you know what you will be doing the next day, and don’t have to spend valuable time deciding before starting your day. Personally this is one of my biggest time-savers, I am quite an indecisive person at times, and I spend far to much time procrastinating while not deciding what I will do first. Again, it’s all about intention, if you know what you want out of your day it’s a lot easier to achieve it.

Set your inner focus

Now that you’ve set an intention for your outer world, take the time to sit down and set an inner intention for the next day. Think through your goal for the day, the mindset you want to be in and how you want to approach challenges that might come. It is proven that thinking positive will make you more successful, and taking the time to sit quietly and think about it will help you get the most out of your day.

My new post on evening routines includes a brand new daily planner download! 

I’ve made a printable worksheet for you to fill out while you do it. You can stick it in your Bullet Journal, planner or on your fridge! To download the Focus Sheet and gain access to the rest of my library of printables you can sign up for my newsletter here:

There you have it! These are four things I do in my evening routine and that I recommend to try. What are your evening routines?

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