What is making me happy this week

What is making me happy this week. Links around the web from FindingNorth

I’m continuing my series of things that are making me happy this week. This week I have a collection of what I think are some great links. I hope you like them as well!

  • I’ll start with some Bullet Journal related articles again:
  • On a related note, if you haven’t checked out Kara Benz’ How to Draw a Mandala at BohoBerry you are seriously missing out. Drawing Mandalas are fun, meditative and they are just so pretty! So let Kara teach you how to make one yourself!
  • I love reading about productivity (it’s a perfect way to distract me from what I really need to be doing!). And one of my new discoveries is the Power of 1%. That article is written by Jeff Olson at Entrepreneur and is about boosting a business, but I believe this can be applied to all areas in your life. Jeff Olson says that

    By altering your course toward the positive by one percent on a consistent, daily basis, you’ll reach a level of achievement in that area that will not only be doubled, but more than tripled within one year.

    I’m a big believer of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and I think this is a good way to think about it.

  • And I’ll end with a great resource: Good Email Copy is a site that gives you examples of email copy from different big companies. You can search for the topic you want and get examples. It doesn’t have unlimited topics or examples, but it is sure to get you started on writing that great email copy for yourself.

This is what is making me happy this week, what is making you happy? Please share!

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