10 instagram hashtags for booklovers

10 instargam hashtags for booklovers

Instagram is one of my favorite places to look at books, and beautiful pictures of them. And of course to find fellow booklovers. Here are 10 hashtags for booklovers, for you to browse, use and love!


the hashtag that inspired this whole list! Lovely pictures from booklovers everywhere.


One of the most used hashtags for everything books on instagram. A bit of everything, and a great starting point to find awesome stuff.


Pictures of what people are reading right now. Share your own reads and connect with other readings.


Good books, plain and simple.


Beautiful flatlays of books. I love flatlays, they are so pretty and inspires me to read more. This is for all the people (like me) who choose books by their covers.


Everything nerdy about books. It’s truly amazing.


This one is all about the pretty. Photographs of books in all shapes.


Epic reads for epic people. It’s become more of a general tag, but it still have a lot of epicness.


This is truly the tag for booklovers, everything books and reading.


This is actually the tag for an Instagram account that features everything books. The tag is fun to browse as really awesome bookstragrammers are using it.


So there you have it: 10 favorite hashtags for booklovers! What hashtags do you follow? Do you have any suggestions for me? 

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