Why I wish I started a Reading Journal years ago

This week it’s all about reading here at FindingNorth! And today I want to talk about why I wish I’d started a Reading Journal years ago.

Why I wish I started a reading journal years ago

I was going to make this a list of reasons, but in the end they all boiled down to one:

I’ve forgotten so many books

And that just makes me sad. I love reading and I read so many great books, and so many of them is gone from my mind. I’ve even started reading a book, and midway through realized I’ve read it before!

Enter the perfect tool:

After I started tracking my reading in a journal I remember more from the books I read. It’s helped me focus and enjoy my reading more.

I can flip back though my journal to be reminded of my reading history. It’s like visiting old friends and being able to see what kind of books formed my reading taste. I’m also a stats nerd, so seeing how many books I’ve read and how my progress has been is just super fun!

Not only can I physically look back through the journal, but when I write down thoughts and feelings right after I’ve read a book, it makes me reflect on what I’ve read in a different way. And just like taking notes during meetings and classes, writing things down sharpens your memory. I remember the books I’ve read a lot better after I started tracking my reading, without even opening the journal.

reading on the sofa

My reading journal

I use Goodreads to track my reading online. But I’m a planner addict at heart, so of course I love having a physical journal! It’s something special with having something you can hold in your hand. It’s extremely satisfying to track my reading history and being able to keep it with me forever.

And because I love it, I’ve used my own reading journal as inspiration and designed a printable Reading Journal that YOU can get today. Simply click on the image below to see all the details. I’m confident it’s a great product that will bring even more joy to your reading life!

Reading Journal - Elegant and practical

That’s my experience with using a reading journal. How about you? Do you track your reading?

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