How I Track Reading in my Bullet Journal


Reading in my Bullet Journal


Back in May I set myself a reading challenge. In it I gathered a stack of books I have been meaning to read, but haven’t gotten to yet. The plan is to read all of them before I start anything new. And because anything in my life is better when it’s included in my Bullet Journal I made a spread to help me! This is my way of tracking reading in my Bullet Journal, have a look (and check out the cool printable I made)!


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There is  a lot of great Reading Journals out there, and so many ways to track your reading in your Bullet Journal. But I’m super happy with the way I found, it truly works for me.


To track my reading I knew I wanted something visual, so I made a drawing of my physical stack of books on a new page.

Once I’ve finished reading a book I’ll color it in. As you can see I’ve only finished two books on my list of 20, but I feel hopeful as I have started a lot of them. I also had to take a break to read a few books for work, but I am back on track now, and I can’t wait to color in more. Of the books I just finished I highly recommend The Girl with All the Gifts by Carey, it was thrilling, surprising and a bit scary.

Tracking Reading and Books in the Bullet Journal

Tracking Reading and Books in the Bullet Journal


The tracker is motivating me to read more already, I can’t wait to see more color on the page. The plan is to do every other book orange and green, so it should look all pretty when I’m all done!

Materials I used to make my reading tracker:

  • Pens: Stabilo Fine Pens* – the pens you choose are important. I love the Stabilo colored pens, nice to write with and they come in lots of motivating, nice colors. The only thing to remember is to pick lighter colors so the title of the book shows though.
  • Notebook: Leuchtturm Notebook A5 Dotted* – I drew mine straight into my lovely Leuchtturm, but if you get my printable below you can stick it in your own journal. Or draw it yourself! However the dots really helped me draw the books, so make sure your journal has dots or lines or that you have a ruler handy.

If you want to track your reading the same way I do, I made two printables you can use! You can easily print them and stick them in your own Bullet Journal. There is one with 20 books and one with 10, so you can choose your own goal and fill in your own books. Simply sign up below to get instant access to the trackers and my exclusive subscriber library full of free printables.

So this is my way of tracking reading in my Bullet Journal. Do you have any tips or ways of doing it? I would love to look at other ways of tracking reading in the Bullet Journal. How do you do it in yours?

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