the findingnorth reading journal

Readers are the most wonderful people I know. They are open minded, wonderful and they are never afraid to challenge themselves!

One of my favorite tools when reading is a good reading journal. And that is what I want to share with you here, the FindingNorth reading journal. It is built on years of reading experience and finding what works best with what readers needs.

With this reading journal you can keep your favorite books with your forever.

celebrate your reading


Does this sound familiar?

  • You read great books, but can’t seem to remember them later
  • When friends ask for recommendations you can’t come up with anything
  • You are an avid reader and you like keeping things organized


Then this reading journal is perfect for you! With a good reading journal you can note down all the things that makes a book special. You will always be able to look back at your reading life with pride and joy!


The FindingNorth Reading Journal includes:

  • 54 printable pages
  • Reading log pages – 1 page for each book with plenty of space for your thoughts.
  • Inspirational quotes from great people.
  • Spread for books you want to read over 2 pages.
  • All in an elegant literary style.

The opportunity to look back on years of wonderful books in one place is a gift you should give yourself!

the FindingNorth Reading Journal

about the maker

Picture of me!


Hi, I’m Tale, the person behind the blog FindingNorth. I write about books, reading habits and organization. I spent a lot of time being overwhelmed by my own to-do list, and watching things fall through the cracks. Now I have systems in place that helps me lead the life I want, and I love sharing that with everyone here.

By day I work as a children’s librarian and I love my job! It’s all about getting people excited and inspired by reading and that is what I want FindingNorth to be as well; a place readers can meet and get inspired together.



Is this a physical book that will be shipped to my house?

This is a digital product, so no product will be shipped to you. It’s easy to print at home!

What format is the Journal in?

It’s in A4, and prints perfect in the smaller A5 format as well.


How do I print the Reading  Journal?

You can print the planner on your home printer or have it printed at a print shop or office supply store. The journal is formatted to print double sided, that way you get the spreads and front/back cover to look right.



What if I read more books than there are book pages?

First off: Way to go, you are a reading master!

But seriously, that’s not a problem, included in your purchase is an extra PDF with just the reading log. That way you can print as many extra pages as you need and insert them in your reading journal. You can also print a whole new journal and archive the old one.

Get the FindingNorth Reading Journal today!

The reading journal is built on years of reading experience and finding what works best with the needs of a reader. Inspiration pages will challenge and push your reading forward, while the logs will help you look back at the books you’ve enjoyed.

I know it can enrich your reading life and make every book stay with you.

Happy Reading