A weekly layout for your bullet journal

Today I wanted to share the weekly layout I’m currently using for my Bullet Journal

weekly layout for your bullet journal

The weekly layout is the heart and soul of my Bullet Journal, I’ve experimented a lot over the past years, but I think I’ve finally found my layout.

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When I started my Bullet Journal I had the days of the week spread out over two pages, with tasks and events on the individual days. However unless the tasks where date specific, I found that I gradually started to write them down on random days where I had the white space in my journal, instead of thinking through where I might have the time to do them. It always turned very messy and disorganized, and I just love clean, minimalist lines, so it wasn’t working for me.

Bullet Journal - weekly layout

My weekly layout. With a spelling mistake, can you spot it?

Now I make clear boxes for the days of the week on one side where I fill in events, and one whole side for my notes and tasks. At the bottom of the notes page I put my weekly habit tracker.

This has worked perfectly for me! The boxes makes it easy to see the whole week at a glance, while the page for tasks makes it easier to get things done without feeling bad if I do something a day later than planned. At the end of the week when I make the next week I migrate all open tasks either to the next week, or back to my monthly list depending.

So that’s how my weekly layout looks, how do you do your weekly layout?

Bullet Journal - Weekly layout
The pens I use are the Stabilo 88 point color pens* for color and the Uni Pin Technical Fineliner Pen* for the lines.

Want this in your Bullet Journal?

It’s quite easy to make yourself, but if you want to skip that hassle, it is now available in the FindingNorth shop! Simply get it once and print it as many times as you want. Easy peasy way to a clean, nice and minimalist look to your journal.

Printable weekly layout

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