8 dystopian novels to read after watching the Handmaid’s Tale

I just finished watching the Handmaid’s Tale and I just loved it! I’ve always loved dystopian novels, and to celebrate the fantastic first season of the show I figured I’d made a list of my favorite ones. If you’ve also just finished the show and want more, here are 8 dystopian novels to read after watching the Handmaid’s Tale.

Dystopian novels

“Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse, for some.”

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10 Bullet Journal hashtags for Bullet Journal lovers

I’ve done both 10 hashtags for booklovers, and favorite Bullet Journal Instagram accounts before. But today it’s time for the best of both worlds: Bullet Journal hashtags for Bullet Journal lovers! Instagram is one of the best places to find amazing Bullet Journal content and insights. I think I spend far to much time browsing…

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A weekly layout for your bullet journal

Today I wanted to share the weekly layout I’m currently using for my Bullet Journal The weekly layout is the heart and soul of my Bullet Journal, I’ve experimented a lot over the past years, but I think I’ve finally found my layout. *This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission (at…

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8 great audiobooks for your listening pleasure

I’ve always loved listening to audiobooks, but after I got my kindle I’ve really taken off. Not only does my kindle sync to my audible account so I can read or listen as I like, there are also a lot of kindle deals that includes the audiobook. Cheap audiobooks? Yes please! So I’ve put together a…

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5 great books that inspired Oscar movies in 2017

The Oscars are happening this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing the wins, the speeches and the dresses. Many of the nominees are movies based on books, and I’ve picked out 5 books that inspired Oscar movies this year. I love both movies and books, and because they are such different mediums I enjoy both of…

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5 things I love about my Kindle

I recently got a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, and as you might tell from the title of this post, I love it! I’m reading more after I got it, which means it’ll be easier for me to reach my 100 books reading goal this year. I’m currently in the middle of Rock Your Reading, my…

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10 highly anticipated new books in 2017

Thanks to the Rock Your Reading challenge I’m having a great reading year! And there are so many new books in 2017 I’m excited about. I’ve made a list of the 10 I’m looking forward to the most. I hope you enjoy!

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