KonMari clothes before and after

The KonMari Method Clothes – before and after

Hi there!

My online home has moved! Finding North has changed into Bright and Happy designs where I made Canva templates for busy solopreneurs. If that’s something you are interested in, please join me there!


5 responses to “The KonMari Method Clothes – before and after”

  1. […] of you might remember my KonMari post on clothes. It’s a long time ago now, and while I have been using her principles when doing smaller […]

  2. What if nothing you have really sparks joy?

  3. […] Update: I’ve finished my clothes!  […]

  4. Hi Tale! Great post! Your after pictures are beautiful. My closet needs this!

    1. Thank you! My whole wardrobe gives me joy right now 🙂

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